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This APP is operated and provided by One Retail Group Limited having its registered office at Ryland House, 24A Ryland Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3EH. If you reside in a country where we provide our services to you and are a user of this APP, we are a data controller for the purpose of Data Protection Legislation (as defined below).

We respect and protect the privacy of all users. In order to provide you with more accurate and personalized services, this APP will use and disclose your personal information in accordance with this privacy policy. Please read the policy carefully to understand how we deal with the information we collect from you, how we treat it and who you can contact for more information. Your information is sometimes called “personal data” and we may refer to handling, collecting, protecting and storing your personal data as “processing”. 

The term “Data Protection Legislation” means the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679, together with all other applicable legislation relating to privacy or data protection. 

Except as otherwise stated in this privacy policy, the APP will not disclose or share your information to third parties without your prior permission. We may amend the privacy policy from time to time. You will be notified of any material changes. By agreeing to this privacy policy, you are deemed to have agreed with all the contents of this privacy policy. This privacy policy is an integral part of the use agreement of the APP services.

  1. The information we collect about you via the APP
  • We may process the following personal information (amongst others) as part of the information you provide to us in the process of using this product: your birthday, height, gender and other body-related data you submitted that are applied to the calculation of body fat rate, muscle volume, and metabolic rate etc.
  • Further, we will collect personal data such as your email address, which will be used as the login account name. If you have any enquiries in the process of use, you can put these forward using the APP feedback feature. We will send the answer to your email account, and therefore, technical support will be provided by us through your email account.
  • For some Android mobile phones (in particular Android 6.0+ mobile phones), where an APP requires the use of Bluetooth connectivity, the user will be asked to turn on the mobile phones location services. This is because the Bluetooth functionality of those mobile phones is associated directly with the location services. We require users of Android mobile phones to activate the location services for the APP to function. We will ensure your location services are not used for other purposes or shared to third parties.
  • We may gather additional Personal Data from sources such as Social Media, publicly available databases or on other occasions when you use our services. 
  1. Use of Personal Information

We collect information to provide better services to all users, and the information collected is used to provide, maintain, protect and improve our services. The personal information will be used mainly for the following purposes:

  • To complete your request for a particular service or product.
  • To provide you with the APP software or particular service, product or information of the third parties (such as the partner of this APP software) via email, you may also unsubscribe if you wish to stop receiving emails from us.
  • To produce statistics of users data for this application (such as number of users, composition, interest, performance, etc.) to provide better services and products to the users, or disclose such statistics to the third parties for a certain legal purpose. These kind of statistics is the whole information of the user group rather than individual information.

We may use your information to carry out any obligations resulting from contracts entered into between you and us, or from applicable law, to prevent fraud, to send you marketing communications, provided you have given us your contact details in the course of a sale of our products or services and that you decide not to opt out from this type of communication in accordance with Data Protection Legislation and the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003. 

The law permits us to process your personal data because 1. it is necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests that we pursue, namely to run and administer our business and to provide you with our services 2. it is necessary to perform our contract with you for our services 3. it is permitted by you because you have consented. 

We will only keep the information we collect about you for as long as required. In general, we will keep our records for up to 7 years after you have terminated your relationship with us. 

  1. The Sharing and Disclosure of Personal Information

This APP software will utilise your personal information. Your personal information will not be provided to unrelated third parties without your permission unless we are obliged to under applicable law.

In the following circumstances, we will provide your personal information to the relevant third parties:

  • Some services of this application should be provided or jointly provided by a partner (such as a company that provides technical services, a transportation company, a mailing company, a company that offers prizes, etc.). In order to provide you with such services, it’s necessary for this application to share your personal information with the partners. If you do not want your information to be shared to third parties, you may refuse to use the specific service, thus refuse your personal information to be disclosed.
  • In order to prevent the legitimate rights and interests of others or social and public interests are seriously endangered.
  • In order to prevent your legitimate rights and interests from serious harm.
  • We find that your actions are in violation of the terms of service of this APP or any user guide of a particular service or product, or posing a major hazard to the legitimate rights and interests of the APP software.
  1. User Rights

You can query, supplement or correct or ask to delete your personal information in this APP account at any time by using the registered user name and password of your APP. Your account in this APP can be deleted, but this will prevent you from being able to log in to the APP or use any other services of the APP. You have the right to be informed about the processing of your personal data, to request a copy of the personal data we hold about you, to ask us to delete your personal data if you consider we do not have the right to hold it, and to object to us processing your personal data for a particular reason. Please contact us at if you want to raise any of these points.

  1. Information Security

Your account information and files are protected by password, please keep your username and password information safe. This APP will ensure your information is not lost, abused and fabricated through user password encryption and other security measures. Only you personally have the right to access your personal information. We recommend not to disclose your password to anyone else. We will not take the initiative of calling or emailing you to ask your password. No absolute security can be ensured for any data transmission through internet or wireless networks. So while we do our best to protect your personal information, we cannot guarantee the security of information you transmit to us or the security of information of online products or services we send online. You shall take risks by yourself when you make the said action. As soon as we receive the information you send to us, we will do our utmost to ensure the security of our system. We ensure there are appropriate technical, physical, electronic and administrative safeguards in place to protect your personal data from unauthorised access. The transmission of information via the internet is not completely secure. We will do our best but we cannot guarantee the security of data transmitted via the APP. Any transmission is at your risk. 

  1. Disclaimer

We do not have to bear any responsibility in the following circumstances:

  • Any disclosure of personal information made in accordance with the laws, regulations or mandatory provisions of the government.
  • The disclosure of any personal information resulting from the fact that you shared your user password or a registered account with others.
  • The personal information being disclosed, lost, stolen or tampered by any force majeure caused by hacker attack, computer virus invasion or attack, temporary closure caused by government control and others that affect the normal operation of the network.
  1. Amendments and Interpretations of this Privacy Statement

This privacy policy may be amended. We will notify you by sending you an email or system message if appropriate. Please check back to consider any updates or changes. The right of revision and final interpretation of the privacy statement shall be owned by One Retail Group Limited

If you have any concerns about the use of your information, you may wish to make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office or if you are based in a different EU or EFTA country, another appropriate data protection supervisory authority.

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